Almost everyday we hear from our fabulous clients about how wonderful and beautiful their skin feels, thanks to their Earthly Soap. We love it and every single day this drives us to be more motivated and passionate to provide you with the best in skincare. We also receive concerns from you that handmade soap bars don’t last as long in the shower as conventional bars so here we are to discuss the why and how of it and what you can do to make the most of your Earthly Bar. Basically, Earthly Essentials Soaps are made by saponifying pure and nourishing oils & butters. We don’t use ANY artificial hardening agents in our soaps, harsh surfactants, synthetic preservatives or even artificial foaming agents for that matter. Glycerin is a another amazing ingredient in Earthly Soaps It’s naturally produced during the saponification process and is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air to your skin, but it also means that it will draw moisture to the soap and make it more prone to softness and mushiness. Commercial soaps remove the glycerin and sell it separately and/or use glycerin in more profitable products like moisturizers. BUT we don’t remove this natural moisturizer from our bars (even though it can make it soft). Sometimes we also add natural goodies such as honey, fruit purees etc for extra nourishment which are also humectants. These are the main reason why handmade soaps are softer and more sensitive than conventional soaps, we choose to use only healthy, all natural products because your skin is more important than consistency of the soap.


So ensuring skincare free from any toxins comes with the downside of a comparatively softer bar, but don’t worry, a little extra care will make up for it. Our soaps are made using the centuries old cold process way and cured for a minimum period of 6 weeks which ensures that they are  mild, hard and most importantly long lasting and they will stay hard and long lasting as long as you follow these easy tips to prevent them from getting sloppy & mushy:
  • One of the most important things to make your bar of soap last long is to choose the right soap dish. We recommend using a slatted soap dish or one which has big holes so the water drains instantly and allows the soap to dry between uses. You can check out our wooden soap dishes here. They are designed to drain the water and allow maximum circulation of air from all sides to dry out the soap faster.
  • Avoid storing your soap directly on the sink. This way the underside of the soap won’t come in contact with air and will become sloppy. Also, avoid putting it in water puddles.
  • Try to place your soap dish away from the shower stream to prevent it from getting wet unnecessarily.
  • DON’T wet a wet bar. If your soap is already wet or moist from recent use, you don’t need to run it under the tap a second time. Simply rub and rinse.
  • Using a soap bag can also help to get the most of your handmade soap. It creates more lather and is great to use in shower if you’re someone who likes gentle exfoliation while they wash. It can be hung up with the soap inside and simply left to dry between showers.



3 thoughts on “How To Get The Most Of Your Natural Soap

  1. Werda Shermeen Zia says:

    Do you know where I can get a soap bag? I think you should offer it in your shop! And wooden soap dishes! I do use a slatted one so I haven’t had trouble with the lavender one lasting.

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