Summer is here and so are hot, sweaty days! Sweating is a normal occurrence but you can reduce it by maintaining proper underarm hygiene. Apart from wearing a deodorant everyday, follow these simple tips to keep sweaty smells at bay.

  1. SHOWER DAILY as well as showering after strenuous activity like working out, playing sports or even doing household chores (specifically scrubbing underarms with soap). We recommend Earthly’s Charcoal Detox, with naturally antibacterial ingredients: Activated charcoal and Tea tree, it not only gets rid of odour causing bacteria but also removes deodorant build up.
  1. SHAVE OR WAX. A recent study shows that shaving or waxing the underarms significantly reduces underarm odor. The hair holds sweat and provides a moist environment for odour causing bacteria to thrive.
  2. APPLY AN UNDERARM DETOX MASK 1 – 2 times a month. It helps to unclog pores, reduce deodorant build up, maintain a healthy pH and bacterial balance to ultimately reduce sweat and body odour. Here’s how you can make one with Bentonite Clay + Vinegar.
  1. WEAR LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE FABRICS (like cotton, linen etc) and loose fitting clothes. This will allow your body to stay cooler and evaporate sweat compared to synthetic fabrics (nylon, rayon, polyester).
  2. CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE as it stimulates your adrenal glands that can cause our palms, feet, and underarms to sweat more. Reduce your intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks & energy drinks as they all contain caffeine.
  3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Staying hydrated brings your body temperature down, so the body’s need to sweat reduces.